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About Bacil Donovan Warren

Hi! I’m Bacil Donovan Warren—Donovan, unless I served with you in the Army, in which case you probably have a colorful nickname for me already.

I’m an author, artisanal publisher, and a freelance iOS hacker. This wasn’t always true; I served in the US Army as an M1 tank crewman, worked in public schools as a computer and network technician, worked at a major US tech company as a contracted Test Engineer, worked in EMS for 8 years as both an EMT and a Paramedic. In addition, I worked as a Training Center Faculty for a local American Heart Association Training Center here in Tucson while teaching CPR, First Aid, and both adult Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support as well as Pediatric Advanced Life Support . Each of these jobs I found to be interesting and exciting in their way, but even while doing them I was constantly writing and creating stories. Some of those have made it to print (see my Book Table for details!) and some others are works in progress.

If you’d like to keep track of the goings-on, sign up for my email list (the form to the left) and you’ll get (very) occasional emails from me about new blogs, appearances, and publications. I never sell your information, nor will I give it to anyone not authorized by law to have it (and then, only if required to do so).

Press/Media: you can download my media kit (and verify its contents with the signature file on that page), and on my Contact page you can also send requests for interviews or other information.

If I have any public events scheduled, they will be on my scheduled events page.

My GPG Public Key fingerprint: 633C C847 9F06 30FA E696 30C2 6819 480B 7261 78BA

: As you might expect, there were some “colorful” (i.e., NSFW) nicknames thrown at me in the Army. That’s fine, I threw some back 😀